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Universal Moisture Meter Digital

Universal Moisture Meter Digital

Product No. : AG-UD


The most versatile instrument for the measurement of Moisture content in Grains, Seeds and Pulses. Operatable on 220 V 50 Hz and Battery. The instruments is made to operate very easily and takes less than a minute to complete the test. rugged in construction, aluminum casted and the electrical unit is contained in. the bevel gear mechanism is of best steel. The whole instrument is protected in wooden box.

Specification :
Measuring Range 8-40%
Accuracy 0.2%
Dimension 40 x 32 x 17 cm
Weight 19.5 Kg. without wooden cover.
Power Supply 4 Battery Cells or 220 V 50 Hz

NOTE : The instrument is approved by food corporation of India Central Ware Housing Corporation, Food Supply Department & Other Agriculture Institutions.