Triode Electronics India

Switchboard Pannel, Ammeters, Voltmeters , Rectifier Type

The movements are made from best quality materials incorporating Jewel bearings, hardened & precisely polished Japani pivots & chemically treated Hair-springs for corrosion protection. All moving Coil DC and Rectifier type AC meters are fitted with Alinco high flux density magnets and have linear scale with knife edge pointer for accurate reading. All instruments are housed in phenolic moulded dust proof cases with zero adjuster accessible from the front and having back connections. Accuracy 1.5% F.S.D. for all Moving Coil as per I.S.I.; 1248/68 Class 1.5 2.5% For rectifier AC Meters as per I.S.I. 1248/68 Class 2.5. All instruments stand 2000 Volts AC for one minute and have an insulation of over 20 Megohms.
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H.V. Test
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