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Test & Measuring Instruments
Digital Mesuring Instruments
Nuclear Physics
OPTO Electronic Devices
E/M Apparatus
Characteristics Of Vaccum Tubes
Semi Conductor Devices
Laser Experiment
Verification of Various Laws & Conservation of Signal
Demonstration Models
Amplifiers Kits
Verification of Network Theorem
Characteristics Operational Amplifiers
Study of Multivibrators
Digital Electronic Experiments (Computer Principles)
Training Kits for Communication Lab
Power Supplies and Transformers
Switchboard Pannel, Ammeters, Voltmeters , Rectifier Type
AC Rectifier Type Voltmeter (Moving Coil Type)
Decade Box
Post Office Box Dial Pattern
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Radiation Meter
Product No. : TE-NP3
hall effect
Product No. : TE-SD14
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