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Digital Electronic Experiments (Computer Principles)

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Study of Left, Right & Programmable Shift Register
Product No. : TE-DE17
BCD to Decimal Decoder Using IC. 7492.
Product No. : TE-DE18
Study of Encoder & Decoder Circuits (Demimal to BCD Encoder & BCD to 7-segment Decoder)
Product No. : TE-DE19
Digital Trainer to study & verify truth tables of Flip Flops
Product No. : TE-DE20
Digital Trainer to study 'RS' Type, 'JK' & 'T' Type flip-flop
Product No. : TE-DE21
Study & Verify Truth tables of 'RS' & 'D' Type flip flop using NAND gates
Product No. : TE-DE22
Study & Verify Truth tables of 'JK' & 'JK Master Slave' flip flop.
Product No. : TE-DE23
Study of 8-1 line (four input & one output) Multiplexer using IC 74153
Product No. : TE-DE24
Study of 2-1 Multiplexer using AND, OR & NOT gates
Product No. : TE-DE25
Study of 16-1 (Sixteen input & one output) Multiplexer using IC-74150
Product No. : TE-DE26
Study of One input/.Four output Demultiplexer using IC 74155
Product No. : TE-DE27
Study of 4-16 (One input/Sixteen output) Demultiplexer using IC 74154
Product No. : TE-DE28
Study of RAM (Random Access Memory) Circuit
Product No. : TE-DE29
Analog/Digital Trainer (Bread Board Type)
Product No. : TE-DE30
Logic Gate Circuit Trainer/Digital Computer-II [Bread Board Model]
Product No. : TE-DE31
Logic Gate Circuit Trainer using TTL IC's
Product No. : TE-DE32
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